The Canon Jean Marilier

Posted in Non classé on février 22, 2009

Jean Marilier (1920-1991) author of this in depth study on St. Vivant, was the Vice Dean of the Chapter of St. Benigne Cathedral in Dijon, as well as resident member of the Dijon Academy of Science, Art, and Literature, and curator of Works of Art and Antiques for the Cote d’Or Region. His many accomplishments include the founding of the Dijon Museum of Sacred Art, in Dijon. A professor and an historian he published numerous essays on the origins of the Abbeys of Flavigny and Citeaux, as well as the Diocese of Langres. In addition, he is the author of the History of the Catholic Church in Burgundy, published in 1991 Historical advisor to the Friends of Vergy, he authored several of “Cahiers de Vergy,” works that have greatly enriched Burgundian history. This publication is dedicated to his memory.

Jean-François Bazin